The best part of being a photographer is the opportunity it lends me to experience the rawest of emotions in its rarest state. It is undoubtedly the beauty of life that I experience it myself whilst capturing those seldom but valuable moments through the lens. I believe that there is no better way to seize those moments in its vital truism, other than a photograph. Then and there, right as they occur, you just seize it.

Like the emotions that painted a subliminal memory, at the very moment when a father passes his blessings to his daughter with a simple wave of hand. The ambiance articulated by emotions at such moments is what I always try to seize and make memories out of.

This is the kind of story that fascinates me and compels me to narrate it in my own way – The story of those characters that will not necessarily be in the limelight. Father, mother, siblings, friends – memories painted by the emotions of the truest, rawest and the rarest of relationships. Those are the moments that are often missed amidst the burden and hassle of a wedding ceremony.

Memories as such often remind me of the significance of capturing or seizing a moment. That it allows us to reminisce, contemplate and live those moments over and over again and give us the opportunity to share it with our loved ones and share the happiness of those memories, as long as we want to.

I believe, we should do it when we can and as long as we can!