Location – Waters Edge, Battaramulla

Genre – Family Shoot

Nothing explains the saying “Happiness is best when it is shared” better than “The Family” itself. This journey is all about making memories, collecting them and keeping them closer to you. As the family grows, more the happiness and sublime and glorious our memories become. When we have the power to seize those memories, why not we do it! I believe we should all seize them while we can and relive them as much as we can!

The union of a child is certainly is the sole definition a family, which brings along to new meanings and beginning to the life we all live. With such new beginning, each passing moment is a memory in its novelty and purity. It is the realization that these precious emotions that paint these invaluable memories will fade away, which makes us yearn to capture these moments, seize them, relive them at any given moment we desire.

As a photographer, apart from mainstream photography, subtle deviations in genres brings extreme pleasure. Hence, Family shoots with children, newborns and new fathers and mothers aren’t anything lesser than a breath of fresh air. It is the freshness of emotions that takes me by surprise and makes me yearn to observe, be surprised again, get in to the groove with the little ones behaviors, cuddles, laughs, and most importantly the mischief and just click.


The beauty of family shoots is that it offers an opportunity to the new parents to bond with their little ones in a much relaxed platform, where more often, they tend to be surprised by the mischief hidden in their own children. The few hours spent with me as the photographer, is more of a bonding moment for the parents and the children. Uditha and Ranjala’s Family shoot is one of my personal favorites, up to date, where I was capable of capturing the rawest of the emotions of both the children and the parents.11-2

Little ones are often taken by surprise when brought into a different atmosphere, location. I believe it is that change of behavior and the way they try to get adjusted to the place, the environment is most pleasurable to capture. Therefore, choosing a proper location or a set with appropriate props would play a significant role in creating a blissful atmosphere for the little ones. Understanding the mindset of a child or even becoming one during the shoot is certainly a skillful strategy that could be adopted by a photographer, in bringing out the best of the little ones and the parents as well.