Genre : Wedding

Couple : Manjari & Neranjaka

Location : Cinnamon Grand Hotel


Photographers are essentially Artists and we artists seek for inspiration, almost all the time. Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Sometimes within the quest of seeking for inspiration, we tend to seek so far, that we forget to look around, what is much closer to us, our very grounds and our very own roots.

Yes, I am talking about what is ours! Our traditions! Our culture and all that is what is ours! Ours as Sri Lankans!

Seldom, we get to amalgamate the beauty and the peculiarity of Sri Lankan Traditions into the modern day wedding! But when that happens, the outcome is nothing but sheer grandeur and Classic magnificence. Manjari and Neranjaka gave me that opportunity to create such a concept that enhances their love for Sri Lankan Culture and Traditions and make it an eminent part of the most special day of their lives.

The bond we share with our own traditions is such that those traditions itself turn out to be a value addition to that special day and makes it even more special. Having that sense, Manjari and Neranjaka was all hyped up in narrating their wedding story Sri Lankan Style!

The monochrome theme maintained throughout the photo-shoot adds depth to the classic grandiosity of the era, while the shoot was narrated as a little wedding day story enacted within the golden eras of Sri Lanka by the couple and their friends.

Adding the classic essence to the frame, the beautiful classic Austin was the ideal prop to narrate our little wedding day story. For me , the Austin was nothing but a personification of the never ending journey Manjari and Neranjaka will be riding together, hand in hand, with love, care, respect and humbleness.