Here are a few things about Us. We love photography. For us it is our soul passion. It is the language we most blissfully choose to communicate with. Our alphabets are our frames. We love stories and we are fascinated by storytelling - in our own language - using our own alphabets. We try to narrate a story, frame by frame, as we see it. For us all splendor is in the Details. Hence, we take one frame at a time. Sometimes one frame does it all. We seek for what is not often seen and we take great pleasure narrating them, in the exact way we see them. For us, this journey is an endless conversation with our own selves – in our own language and we invite you to be the spectator of your own story – whilst we be the narrators.




Through photography, we found a beautiful passage to explore the essence of life and work on par and against with its transient mannerisms. For us, this passage is seemingly endless. Where it leads us often mesmerizes us and had opened up a vast array of opportunities. With the integration of new technology and novel equipment, we challenge ourselves, more and more, exploring our own creativity, enhancing our own potential and to perform across a variety of platforms. We hope to continue this journey within this beautiful passage and keep on creating!

The Team


Along the journey, we have made brilliant companionships with creative, young, both novice and experienced creators, who holds expertise upon their work. We are a Team, in its vital truism. Our creations are a sheer result of collective creativity, where we combine diverse expertise and knowhow within the creative process. What we create, carry the essence of team effort in all its splendor!


We are fascinated by New Gears, Gadgets and Gizmos. New technology and novel equipment boost us with adequate ammunition in terms of vigor, vitality and challenge, allowing us to explore imaginative, unprecedented realms of creativity. Technology and Equipment are our companions and work wonders when taken in appropriate Quality and Quantity.

Our creative process entails the amalgamation of the best equipment and newest technology with the peculiar creative skills of the creators. Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Carl Zeiss, Voigtlander, Glidecam, CAME -tv, dji, Teradek, Apple, EDIUS, Da Vinci, are a few of the best band brands we work with.

Utilization of best and newest technology had allowed us to perform across a variety of platforms within the fields of Photography, Videography, Cooperative video, TV Commercials, Family events, Fashion & Commercial events, Live events, Multi-Camera events, Streaming, Arial Videography, Under-Water photography & Videography.



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