The First Look

Location – Hatton

Genre – Pre – Wedding Shoot

Beautiful Bride-to-be Hiranya with the beautiful Hill ladies

                                             Our Beautiful Bride-to-be Hiranya with the very colorful and pretty Hill ladies

Alright Guys! This is one of my personal favorites and definitely reigns on top of my very personal list of most enjoyed, satisfactory, exploratory and creative work performed. It just ticks all the boxes in one go.

For me, it is all in the details. The god is certainly in the details. It was a cherry on top situation, where all the details around,  came within a vibrant color pallet. Hatton was right there, looking all majestic in all its splendor along with its unique topography and most importantly, offering us the inherent beauty of cultural diversity and peculiarity.

So, I had to click our main lady with all the beautiful ladies of the hills, whilst the backdrop of Hatton Hills narrate a beautiful chronicle of social, cultural and environmental eccentricities of the context.

And I am not less of a story-teller than Hatton, either! I find it extremely pleasurable, working within eccentric, strong and significant contexts – with underlying stories. Such locations always push the limits of the creator I am and are often exploratory of my creative realms. It was my turn to interweave the story I was about to narrate with the beautiful couple. So, it was all me and my camera, illustrating the Tea Chronicles as the “First Look” of  Hiranya and Waruna.

The trick was to not interrupt the routine of the beautiful ladies of the hills and to narrate our story as an interwoven element of the unified whole – as a significant fragment of the same story narrated by the Hatton Hills in the backdrop. The natural plateaus of the estate offered us with unique camera angles and perspectives and allowed us to be very illustrative in narrating our story, making it very convenient for us to pave our way around, unobtrusive of work carried out by the ladies.

We didn’t want to stand out, we just wanted to be a part of their story, in our own way, and narrate our story along with theirs. I must say that, in the end, looking at the creative outcome, I was so sure that both our stories complimented each other very well.

The mesmerizing color pallet