Genre – Model Shoot

Model – Jacob

Location – Studio U, Thalawathugoda

Details are what fascinates a photographer the most. When it is the details of the human anatomy it is much more satisfying and mesmerizing. When it comes to model shootings, the male physiques aren’t the most sought after. Yet, I believe, it is a different language and rapport that is built during a male model shoot. Strength and stature is what I sought after when it is a male model shoot related to fitness. Though it is the curves and feminine qualities that are accentuated through the camera within a female model shoot, capturing the details of the male human anatomy and conveying strength, capacity, stature and caliber is certainly challenging.01

Jacob, obtaining the perfect physique, and with the intention of portraying and demonstrating it, it was my task as a photographer to instruct him upon perfect postures and angles where I could capture the fine detailing of his physique. Jacob was extremely fluent in demonstrating such postures and acts that demonstrates the strength, stature and capacity of his physique which enhances and intensifies the detailing of his anatomy.


Manipulation of light was done skillfully during the process, as in any other shoot. Yet, this demanded, extra focus upon perfect lighting and angles. Atmosphere created by dust, water and air particles articulated the perfect ambiance for Jacob to pose and act accordingly. The maneuver of fine resolution lenses and cameras were critical in capturing Jacob’s dynamic movements piercing through the dust, air and water particles.


The props, postures, movements and actions were creatively articulated with the theme of strength and stature in getting the perfect shots of Jacob’s physique. Away from mainstream photography, such shoots of different genres allow the photographer to be creative and imaginative.


Through such diversified genres, Studio U hope to mark the beginning of a journey beyond the conservative, into novel platforms within the field of photography.