I believe that a good photo needs to have a vision that gives birth to it. It is the eye and the notion of “seeing” that essentially captures the moments, later translated into a “Picture”. It is the vision that captures the moment and there is very little that can be done even with the best equipment. Of course, as a photographer, new gear is fun for me but I have always known that it is my ability to “see” and it is my vision that is translated to a picture, in its very essence.
Though I am called a photographer I would like to call myself a person who sees the beauty of a moments, constantly trying to find ways to pause and relive, pause and relive and pause and relive. As a little boy who was looking a way to fulfill his desires, I found the camera! It was more of “Eureka” moment for me! Till today, my camera is my best mate! We work together!
My work is generated as an outcome of what I necessarily “see” and “experience”. I would like to call my work as a derivation of my vision. As I like to pause, still and relive moments through capturing them, it’s the same desire that my client’s hold. Mostly those are the moments that vanishes in the blink of an eye, those are the moments that make an impression on us but we usually miss when and as it happens. That is my favorite part! Capturing those moments, when and as it happens. Those subtle moments of reality!
I was a very curious child! Very inquisitive I suppose. The photography club was my favorite place on earth as a child. The club was my happy place, where I could quench my desire of capturing moments through a cool gadget. As the president of the club I certainly equipped myself with all the experience and exposure needed for a longer journey ahead.
I believe education is imperative in all aspects and paths of life. herefore, after school, I pursued higher education at the University of Jayawardane pura and graduated in Business Administration (special) Finance. After proper grooming time within the field, I thought it was high time to take my desire into the next level. In, 2004, I established “Studio U” as a novice.

Studio U extends services throughout several areas like Videography, Event photography, Commercial photography, multimedia camera, Documentary Video and is the pioneer of Arial videography in Sri Lanka.
The Official Brand Ambassador of Sony – Alpha Camera Series in Sri Lanka


Since childhood, two of my great passions in life have been travel and photography. As a boy who grew up in a suburb and schooled in Maliyadewa College, Kurunegala, I always had access to the nature, nature which is unspoiled and fresh as ever. Nature has been one of my greatest fascinations and inspirations for photography. As a child I was very inquisitive about details. My mother was the first one who identified it and who always pushed me more towards admiring the little details in the world that surround us. With time, through my photography I seek to document my own personal experiences. It was a way of reliving those same moments over and over again through the lens. What fascinated me the most was that through photography I got the opportunity to share the scenes, details, events and moments and the beautiful diversity of the world with others.

I was much more convinced about my passion when I won the 1 st place in All Island Black and White Photography when I was in grade 9. My little victory was a great motivation for myself in pursuing my passion for photography as a life-long profession. With the victory I was awarded the Presidentship of the photographic society, Maliyadewa College in 2003. While at school, I obtained 2 nd year diploma in photography held by National photographic art society.

Whilst working for my passion, I obtained B.Sc. in Physical Sciences from University of Peradeniya as it was important for me to complete my higher studies. With the experience and new exposure within the society, I conducted my 1 st , solo, black and white photographic exhibition while in the university. Especially my brother, was one of the greatest influences for me as he had achieved his professionalism in the field of photography as well. Therefore, while in university I worked part time in Studio U and orientated myself within the field. With the completion of the degree I joined Studio U as a director and pursued my career officially.

I use photography to express my vision in art. It is the medium of choice for my creative expression. I am still excited about the power and the captivating quality of a photograph and never the less, its ability to capture my own unique selective perception of the moment in a form that I can share with others. This allows me not only to capture a moment in its literal terms but also the emotion or the experience of the moment.