Location – Battaramulla

Genre – Pre- Wedding Shoot


I personally enjoy “First Looks”. In the very nature of it, it’s more fun- tailored! Of course, it does not entail all hassle and responsibilities of any sort that we experience at the wedding day, but for me, it is more of grooving session with the couple. Well, it works both ways I must say. It is an orientating period for the couple with each other and also with us, the photographers. I invest a quite a bit of time for the First Looks as Pre-Shoots are my personal favorites and also I believe it is an investment in terms of familiarizing the couple to the lens, to be more open, expressive and emotional and most importantly to get all the right feelings out! The romance, Happiness, Satisfaction, Pleasure, Desire! All of the in the right amount, to get the perfect shot!

With experience I know that, most couples tend to be reserved in terms of body language and stiff in in expressions and emotions. Both being extremely beautiful and handsome, it was a sweet deal for me with Thilona & Prashan. They knew their way around the camera. A little bit of talking, getting to know each other, a bit of instructions in the first few shots were enough for them create their own little world in the location. The magic was already in what Thilona and Prashan shared with each other and I just had to click. I must say the camera loved the ambiance the couple created – An atmosphere of love, romance, happiness and hope. They looked expressive and emotional in every angle.


The selection of a location that compliments such expressions and emotions, which is also a value addition to the ambiance created by the couple, is crucial in achieving the prefect shot. Must say, that the location we selected in Battaramulla really amplified and complimented the entire ambiance of romance created by Thilona and Prashan. It was left to me to capture the magic of the couple! We did it right!


Up to date the First Look of Thilona and Prashan remains a personal favorite. The magic created by the couple lifted up the entire ambiance to one out of this world and it was a beautiful experience for me to capture those rare, raw and candid moments and share it with them.